Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Director - Carlos Tobalina (Sexual Kung Fu in Hong Kong)
Starring - Sheila Parks (Mai Lin vs. Serena), Jesse Adams (Rock N' Roll Heaven), and Serena (Night of the Juggler)
Release Date - 1982
Genre - Romance
Tagline - "Beyond temptation..."
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Peekarama: Big 2 Unit Show) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
    Is it February yet?  Of course it isn't.  If it was I would be fucking reviewing a horror movie right now but instead I am still going through these non-horror reviews.  I have now went 19 days without a single horror flick.  I have indulged in a few horror short stories but I refuse to watch a horror flick until this month is over.  Over the last few years Vinegar Syndrome sent me dozens of non-horror flicks to review.  Most of them are double and triple features that are part of their Peekarama series.  I decided that tonight was the perfect time to check one of those out and grabbed the first one I have on the shelf.  This double feature was Anticipation and Flesh Pond.  
     The film follows two brothers.  One of the brothers was recently married while the other has been happily married to an Asian masseuse.  That is until the two brothers and their wives get together and start lusting over their significatn other's spouses and start daydreaming about fucking them.  This leads to all four of them questioning their marriage and their dedication to their family.

     Anticipation is a film that was new to me.  I knew nothing about this one but I got the feeling that it was going to be more of an 80s porn flick than a sexploitation one and I was right.  The film was a porn but with a rather fun story for a straight forward fuck flick.  The acting in this one is not consistent from all the cast.  Some of the cast does a solid job trying to sell their role while others are just there to fuck and collect a paycheck.  This made the non-sex scenes almost unbearable to watch.   The story for this one is pretty clever especially considering how well it works for a porn.  With that being said, that's about as far as it goes.  The story just works well enough to pull the viewer in from one sex scene to another.  Other than that it is pretty weak and extremely boring.  Finally, this is another one void of blood and gore.  Instead, it is full of sex scenes full or hair and ugly women.  The film wouldn't have been so bad if the women were worth looking at.  Overall, Anticipation is a pretty rough vintage porn to watch.  The story was slightly interesting but the women is ugly and the cast is not consistent.  I can not recommend this one.

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