Friday, January 22, 2016

Flesh Pond

Director - Carlos Tobalina (Lady Dynamite)
Starring - Herman Tobalina, Drea (Formula 69), and Rita Ricardo (Trick or Treat)
Release Date - 1983
Genre - Crime
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Peekarama: Big 2 Unit Show) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     It has now been 22 days without a horror movie.  Last month when I set out to challenge myself to not watch a horror movie I thought it would be easy to do.  However, that was far from the truth.  I have received so many horror flicks to review the last few weeks and it has been difficult to not toss them into the Xbox One and review them.  Instead, I have been focusing my time to check out these non-horror flicks sent to me to review.  I decided it was time to check out my first Peekarama double feature which featured two Carlos Tobalina films.  The first film I saw was Anticipation which proved to be the better film of the two but still far from entertaining.  Next up was the second film in the double feature, Flesh Pond.
     The film follows a group of people who meet up in a secluded home to have a little sex.  They are unaware that armed men are heading their way after being wrongfully accused of a crime they say they did not commit.  When they enter the house they discover several beautiful women and decided to force them to partake in the sins of the flesh and have a fuck party.

     I like sexploitation flicks but they have to be genuine sexploitation flicks.  They have to follow a serious story that is randomly interrupted with unsimulated sex scenes.  Sadly, Flesh Pond is not a sexploitation film.  Instead, it is a straight forward porn flick.  The acting in this one is not the best but it is far from being the worst.  I have actually seen indie horror flicks that are worse than this which is a sad, sad thing.  If you can watch an early 80s porn and see better acting than your movie then you should consider recasting.  This cast actually created characters and tried to stay in character until it came to the sex scenes.  This made the film go by a littler bit better but that is far as the praise goes.  The story for this one is almost the exact same one as the 1976 "roughie" Farmer's Daughters.  That story follows a farmer, his wife, and their three daughters who are forced to fuck three men at gunpoint moments after doing sexual things to one another.  Flesh Pond followed the same story both of which was not that entertaining and only provided a little bit of cushion between the sex scenes.  Finally, this is yet another film that has no blood shed or gore.  Instead, we have tons of sex scenes with some attractive women.  The porns that I have reviewed from this time frame before usually had ugly women and lots of hair but this one actually has attractive women.  Overall, Flesh Pond is a pretty weak film.  The story is just another rehashing of a porn flick from 76 that is far from entertaining.  This is another film that I can not recommend.

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