Monday, January 18, 2016

Flesh and Bullets

Director - Carlos Tobalina (Pulsating Flesh)
Starring - Susan Silvers, Glenn McKay, and Mic Morrow
Release Date - 1985
Genre - Crime
Tagline - "Her flesh or her life"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection)

Rating (out of 5):
     This has been one tough month.  For almost 5 years now I have watched a horror movie a day with several days I was able to get in more than one.  I love horror.  I live for it.  However, over the last few years I have received non-horror flicks from several companies to review.  Not knowing what to do with them, I tossed them in my collection and just sat on them until I could figure it out.  Then I decided to dedicate a month to these flicks.  One movie I was sent to check out was Vinegar Syndrome's Flesh and Bullets.  This erotic crime drama featured the late Robert Z'Dar in one of his first roles along with the lovely Yvonne De Carlo who is known the world over as Lilly Munster in the classic television sitcom The Munsters.  
     The film follows two men who randomly meet at a bar in Las Vegas.  The two are there on business and start confessing how unhappy they are with their ex-wives and how they want to do away with them.  They then hatch out a plan to murder each them so the husband is not suspected.  The two part ways and head off to meet their targets where they both are greeted to a beautiful woman and her child.  One man finds that the woman has a son which is something he has always longed for.  The other finds his target to be irresistible and falls in love with her.  This brings about a new problem for the men.  The two agreed that if they did not kill their target then they would become the target for the other man.
     Flesh and Bullets is a sleazy sexploitation flick from the mid-80s which was a rare occurrence.  By this time most of the exploitation films have died off and standard genre flicks were dominating the video market place.  The acting in this one is solid which is something I was not expecting.  I was expecting some hardcore porn action with little to know acting and what I actually got was a well acted flick with a very fun story.  The cast does a great job and it was great seeing genre favorites Z'Dar and De Carlo one last time.  The story for this one is more a erotic take on the film Strangers on a Train by the master of suspense, Hitchcock.  The film is not a hardcore or softcore porn but is very erotic in nature which only makes this story that much more entertaining.  The story actually works a little better set up this way than it did in the original film.  It pulled the viewer in and made them wonder how this all was going to play out.  This is something most films now a days no longer do.  Finally, this one is not a bloody horror flick you guys may be looking for.  However, is has some hot women, some who are not but they are not afraid to get nude, and some violence.  Overall, Flesh and Bullets was a very solid film.  The story held my attention and the cast was solid.  The women, for the most part, are super foxy and loved to get naked.  If you want sleazy films then look no further.

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