Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Farmer's Daughters

Director - Zebedy Colt (The Devil Inside Her)
Starring - Gloria Leonard (Tattoo Vampire), Susan McBain (Visions), and Nancy Dare (The Amazing Dr. Jekyll)
Release Date - 1976
Genre - Drama
Tagline - "Cock-a-doodle-doo"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     We are now hitting day 26 without horror and it fucking sucks.  I write my reviews while I sit in my movie review which is hell for me.  I sit around looking at my collection which consist of several thousand horror DVDs and blus and it sucks I can't watch a single one of them until the first of February.  Until then I will continue reviewing the non-horror films that was sent to me to check out.  Most of these films come to me from my friends over at Vinegar Syndrome who send their releases on a month to month basis.  The next film I checked out was The Farmer's Daughters that was directed by Zebedy Colt and released in 1976.  The film is known for being a serious "roughie" and has a bit of a following because of it.  I had never seen the film before I received it to review but the word "roughie" plastered on the front of the DVD really peaked my curiosity.
     The film begins with a farmer working hard on his farm and decides he wants to fuck his wife.  He goes into their room and lays the pipe to her.  Their three daughters hear the commotion and start peeking through the windows when they are caught by the farm hand.  He tells them that he has watched them before and they fuck boringly. The girls decide to have their way with him and rape him before spanking him and eventually pissing on him.  While they are brutally fucking him, three men are wondering through the woods and witness the sexual acts through the window.  They pull out their guns and force all the women to have sex with them while the father watches.  After some time the farm hand arrives with a gun but does not save the day.  Instead, he instructs the girls to suck him off while going to town on each other.  During the sex, the father gets the gun and kills all of them.
     I have seen a lot of sleazy movies this month.  In fact, if I see one again it will be too soon.  I have seen so many sexploitation flicks in the past but most had stories that pulled the viewer in and the sex was just the icing on the cake (disgusting pun not intended).  However, the ones I have seen this month were more sex than story which makes them mostly a porn and not a sexploitation flick.  The Farmer's Daughters was no different.  The acting in this one is on the same level as some of the worst porns.  The cast just spit out their dialogue before they start banging it out.  The only person that tried to create any sort of character was the farm hand Fred played by Bill Cort.  His character is goofy as hell and adds some much needed humor to the scene but that is about as far as it goes.  The story for this one is very similar to the vintage porn Flesh Pond.  The main difference between the two is how the sex acts in this one is dialed up with the introduction of water sports and slight BDSM.  However, that does not make this one entertaining.  Finally, this one does have a few on screen kills believe it or not.  The kills are very minimal and feature bright red 3M blood being smeared on nude men with no signs of wounds.  These were not that enjoyable and a huge let down.  Overall, The Farmer's Daughters is a huge disappointment.  The film has horrible acting, an unoriginal story, and some of the worst kills I have seen in a movie.  I can not recommend this one.

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