Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Director - Shaun Donnelly (Make Me a Porn Star)
Starring - Alicia Andrews, Joel Chanin, and Tuesday Cross (My First Girlfriend)
Release Date - 2012
Genre - Comedy
Tagline - "The story of the World's first all-girl, porn star rock band"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Here is 12 days without horror.  My no horror January started off strong but I'm afraid I will not be able to make it a full month.  I caught myself wanting to toss in several horror films I have been sent to review but I stayed strong and tossed in a film Wild Eye sent me some time ago.  Wild Eye is a company that I absolutely love.  They have a wide variety of films ranging from comedies to extreme horror.  This mockumentary they sent me was titled Tight and was one that I honestly had no real interest in ever reviewing it but I do love Wild Eye so I decided to finally give it a shot.  It was only fitting I check it out now after watching The Amazing Bulk which was a complete let down.  
     The film follows the beautiful porn star Bree Olson who has put together an all female porn star band and gave them the name Tight.  The band has a short amount of time to practice their songs before they have their first gigs.  This is difficult for any band but the girls has to do it while they're1 harboring grudges with one another and jealously among the band.  To make matters worse, their manager, a relative of Bree, refuses to listen to her and screws up continuously.

       This film gets compared to Spinal Tap a lot among fans and reviewers.  I know a lot of people that love Spinal Tap but I am one of the few that does not.  I may give it a go now that I am older but when I was much younger I could not enjoy it.  Tight does look and feel like Spinal Tap but with a lot more sex appeal.  Fuck, it's almost impossible to see Bree and not take your pants off!  The acting in this one is what you would come to expect from a film full of porn stars.  Their interviews are very forced and awkward to watch.  It would have made these a lot easier to follow if they were just more relaxed on camera which is saying something considering they usually fully nude.  The story for this one is rather entertaining if the cast would have dedicated more of themselves into their role.  The thought of beautiful women who are known for pleasing men on and off the camera in an all girl band rocking it out was awesome but the cast just did not deliver the performances the story needed to be entertaining.  Finally, this one is not a film covered in blood and gore like the ones I normally review.  However, the film is sexy as hell.  All the women in this film is hot in one way or another.  I could have watched this on mute and really enjoyed myself.  Overall, Tight is a film that has a solid story and a smoking hot cast but their performances brings the film down drastically.  If you want sexy women then I would recommend finding some real films these ladies have been in.

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