Sunday, January 10, 2016

Evil Ways of Love

Director - Gerard Damiano (Manbait) (Rumored)
Starring - Rainbow Robbins (Motel for Lovers) (Rumored)
Release Date - 1972
Genre - Erotic
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Its been tough but I have now went 10 days without watching a horror flick.  By this point I would have normally watched 10 or more horror flicks with the occasional "man movie" tossed in like Pulp Fiction or Fight Club but I have decided to focus my attention to the non-horror flicks that I have received over the last year or so to review.  After checking out Strip Club King, Wrestling with Satan, and Ned Kelly, I decided it was time to get down and dirty and check out some sexploitation flicks sent to me from Impulse Pictures.  The first one I checked out was the mysterious Evil Ways of Love.  Little is known about this 1972 flick.  It is rumored that Gerard Damiano directed it before moving on to the famous film Deepthroat.  It is also rumored that Rainbow Robbins, who did a few sexploitation and porn films around that time, was in this one sporting a look she was not known for.  Either way, the allure of this film pulled me in and I had to check it out.
     The film follows a young man who owns a house boat.  He is expecting guests so he goes out to clean up his boat a bit when he spots a sexy young blonde checking him out.  He goes on to the dock to speak with her and convinces her to go back to his boat.  He then convinces her to clean and prepare snacks for his friends that are coming.  He leaves here there and then returns with his friends.  They start drinking it up and smoking some weed and before long their clothes start to fall off and an all out fuckfest ensues.  

     I love exploitation, sexploitation, and any other type of exploitation you can think of but sometimes it's hard to break apart the vintage porns from the sexploitation flicks.  The sexploitation films that I enjoy are actual movies with plots that have unsimulated sex scenes similar to They Call Her One Eye but with much more sex.  Sadly, this gets confused as any porn from the 60s and 70s.  Evil Ways of Love gets caught up in the confusion where most associate it with sexploitation and not porn.  The acting in this one is nonexistent.  The cast showed up to fuck out a paycheck and that is what they did.  This is the opposite of what you would find in a true sexploitation flick.  The story for this one is standard fair for any porn now and then.  A group find themselves together and then have at it.  A sexploitation flick would have a story that flows just like any other film but the sex scenes would be unsimulated.  EWoL has a small section of story and then non-stop banging which is the opposite of sexploitation.  Finally, this is another film void of kills so there is no practical effects and blood for the viewer to gawk at.  The sex is awkward to watch and the women are not that attractive by porn standards.  Overall, Evil Ways of Love is your standard 70s porn flick.  No story, sex everywhere, and hair.  So much hair.  I can not recommend this one.  

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