Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Killjoy Goes to Hell

Director - John Lechago (Blood Gnome, Bio Slime)
Starring - Trent Haaga (Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!, Knight of the Living Dead), Victoria De Mare (Trump Punisher, Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong), and Al Burke (Killjoy's Psycho Circus, The Wedding Singer)
Release Date - 2012
Genre - Horror/Comedy
Tagline - "The bad clown is going down"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Now, we are getting into the exciting portion of our regularly scheduled program!  After watching the horrible and outright horrendous Killjoy and Killjoy 2, I decided to push on through my triple feature box set.  Killjoy 3, the film everyone claims to be superior to the first two films, was the last film in the set.  I tossed it in and quickly realized that it was, in fact, a far better horror film.  After watching the box set it only made since to keep going and toss in Killjoy Goes to Hell.  This is one I bought a few years back and never watched but for some reason Full Moon decided to send me another copy to review.  Thanks guys for hooking me up!
     The film follows the demonic clown Killjoy (Haaga) who is now on trial in hell for letting a girl get away (the events that unfold in Killjoy 3).  His character is in question when the defense lawyer starts to paint a very elaborate picture that Killjoy is not evil and he should be punished for such.  He tries to call on his minions to be character witnesses but Punchie speaks hobo and no one can understand him, Freakshow is a mime and can't talk, leaving only Batty Boop to talk but she is pissed at Killjoy for trying to have consensual sex with the girl he let get away.  He attempts to lure the woman that got away back to hell as a witness but things get out of hand and Killjoy must find a way to escape hell and execution.
     Killjoy 3 took Killjoy to a new level of entertainment but Killjoy Goes to Hell really brought Killjoy into his own.  Killjoy 3 gave Killjoy some personality while taking the series out of the urban environment but Killjoy Goes to Hell brought the supporting characters to light and gave the series some much needed humor.  The acting in this one is fucking top notch.  I know most of you reading this will immediately scoff at that considering this is a Full Moon film but it takes a lot of skill and talent to craft characters like Killjoy, Batty Boop, and so on.  The entire cast kills it in that regard.  They give the viewers some memorable characters and drop one liners like I drop my mid-morning poop.  The story for this one is rather small in scope but more than makes up for it with humor and well written characters.  When dealing with killer clowns one expects to see killer puns and quick one lines.  The first two Killjoy films skipped that while Killjoy 3 did deliver some but Killjoy Goes to Hell takes the humor to a whole new level.  That is exactly what this series needed.  Finally, this one is a visual feast of CGI and visual effects but does lack practical blood and gore.  The series took a turning point and attempted to look more like a low budget sci-fi horror series and not a straight forward horror flick.  This is good and all but I still miss the practical gore.  The kills are pretty quick and boring for the most part.  Overall, Killjoy Goes to Hell is the definitive modern Full Moon horror hit.  It has some great visuals, amazing cast, unforgettable characters, and enough laughs to make Seth Rogen blush.  Check it out.  

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