Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sexsquatch II: Teenape Vs. Sexsquatch

Director - Chris Seaver (The Weirdsies, Death O'Lantern)
Starring - Clint Kelly (Driven to Succeed, Evil Night)
Release Date - 2016
Genre - Horror/Comedy
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):

     I have preached the word of Chris Seaver for several years now after I first watched Filthy McNasty.  This was not something I expected myself doing after I initially watched Mulva.  A few years back I bought a box set from Brentwood.  The film had two Seaver flicks along with Ghoul School and a scream queen documentary.  I started with Mulva simply because the full title is Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker.  Honestly, I was not a fan and decided to go ahead and review it.  My review was very honest and went over thoroughly why I didn't care for it.  I was hesitant to check out his other film in the set, Filthy McNasty.  I'm glad I did because I fucking loved it.  I immediately started searching for Seaver and his films.  Through several friends I was able to find the Warlock Home Video site (one of Seaver's several production companies) and ordered several more of his films.  I enjoyed Death O'Lantern and Die-B-Que but was not a fan of Werewolf from Ohio which I have come to understand was not actually directed by him.  Since then I have periodically collected several of his films and spread the gospel of The Weirdsies because it's fucking fantastic.  A few days back I checked out another Seaver sex comedy titled Sexsquatch.  I fucking loved it - almost as much as The Weirdsies which is saying something.  A sequel was sent to me not long ago from my friends over at MVD and SRS Cinema.  It only made sense to follow the film up with it's sequel.
     The film follows another sexsquatch who has come to Earth to rape and murder but heard that there is another beast known for his sexual conquests - Teenape.  The sexsquatch sets his sights on bringing Teenape down and showing him who is sexually dominate.  The opportunity presents itself when the teens from the first film, after being resurrected by a swinging necromancer, decide to throw a party and invite some new nubile young ladies and Teenape.  The sexsquatch makes his appearance by killing as many people as he can before cumming face to face with Teenape.  The two decide to have a competition instead of fighting to the death to determine who is the better sex machine.
     I was excited for a sequel.  I honestly was.  I really enjoy most of Seaver's films and Sexsquatch was a hit but Sexsquatch 2 just didn't go the distance.  It had the humor and was crash which are what made the first film so enjoyable but it literally gives the viewer the same story with most of the same characters - the same fucking characters that died in the first film.  I had heard that Seaver had no interest in this film but was asked for it by SRS Cinemas.  I can honestly see that with the final product.  The acting in this one is just as fun as the first film.  The characters are over the top and comical while the cast is not trying their best at acting.  This makes for a usually fun experience.  The story for this one is rehashing of the first film but with a more iconic Seaver's character tossed in.  Teenape has been around for years but one that Seaver has seemed to abandon in recent years for more ambitious projects.  Tossing him in randomly just made it feel cheap and lacked creativity.  The film was still able to toss in some laughs and just as iconic one liners but that alone could not carry the film.  Finally, the film has some pretty lame kill scenes.  The first film was similar to this but they still tried to make them relevant to the film.  Instead, we get boring kills.  In fact, a few were a parody of a porn that was parodying Steven Segal.  Overall, Sexsquatch II: Teenape vs. Sexsquatch was not the hit the first film was.  It had some laughs but the film makes no attempt at giving the viewer a story.  It was more like a remake in the style of Evil Dead II than an actual sequel.  I would recommend watching the first one and then moving on to The Weirdsies.  

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