Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Slime City Massacre

Director - Greg Lamberson (Dry Bones, Killer Rack)
Starring - Jennifer Bihl (A Heaven for Queers, Born to Die), Kealan Patrick Burke, and Debbie Rochon (The Legend of Six Fingers, Return to Nuke Em High Volume 1)
Release Date - 2010
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "Welcome to the city where slime never sleeps"
Format - Bluray (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):

     Sequels can go anyway.  Sometimes they are better than the original film and sometimes they suck wet Trump ass.  Films like Evil Dead II, Aliens, and Terminate 2: Judgment Day are prime examples of sequels being better than the original.  Not that the first films in the series are bad, by any means, but some sequels can be better than the original film.  That brings me to the 1988 classic Slime City from director Greg Lamberson.  This cult favorite is a highly sought after film with VHS releases of the film going for rather ridiculous prices.  I saw the first film a few years back when I bought the Slime City Grindhouse collection.  I loved the film and immediately ordered the sequel.  I ordered the Shriek Show release of Slime City Massacre but never made the time to check it out.  That was until my friends over at Camp Motion Pictures released the film on blu with the original Slime City.  I want to thank them for sending a review copy my way!
     The film follows four survivors trying to seek refuge in Slime City after a dirty bomb is set off killing most of the city.  They find a ring of keys and find a secure room that once belonged to Zachary Devon.  They find his home brew elixir and Himalayan yogurt from the first film.  They eat it and slowly become possessed by Zachary and his followers.  They secret slime and when this happens they have a dark urge to kills.  After killing they return to normal until they eat the yogurt and drink the elixir.  They try to stop before they completely lose themselves but a group of mercenaries come into their building to kill all the homeless forcing them to succumb to the spirits and kill the mercenaries.
     I really enjoyed Slime City.  It was gritty, gross, and, to a lesser extent, cheesy.  I love 80s horror and I love 80s horror comedies over everything else.  I was curious how a sequel set 22 years later would hold up.  The answer is pretty simple, it was fantastic.  In fact, I think it was better in almost every way than the original film.  The cast was a lot more experienced, the story was a great continuation of what we had already saw, and the effects were fantastic.  The acting in this one is great.  Debbie Rochon is always a great choice for lead.  She takes control of all her roles and dedicates herself 110% to it.  She is always great and rarely disappoints.  The remainder of the cast was great as well.  If you stand this film up with Slime City you will see that this film is leagues better in terms of acting.  The cast is great and bring their characters to life.  The story for this one is a great continuation of what we see in the first film.  I have seen countless sequels, loved a good portion of them, but very few is able to follow up with a story like this one did.  Which is surprising considering this one picks up 22 years later.  That is one hell of a writing job and sets the bar pretty fucking high for an indie production.  Finally, those of you looking for blood, gore, and slime will find more than enough here.  I was expecting the slime but I was not expecting the blood and gore that I was given.  The effects for this one is great as well.  The kills we get are very imaginative while paying tribute to films John Carpenter's The Thing and Street Trash while not forgetting the film that it comes from.  I can also see some Troma inspired carnage and mayhem tossed in as well.  Overall, Slime City Massacre is one hell of an indie horror film.  The film is a worthy follow up to a cult hit and offers up great gore.  Check it out!

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