Monday, February 27, 2017

Physical Attraction

Director - Richard Mailer (Honky Tonk Angels, Switch Hitters)
Starring - Shanna McCullough (Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody, That Voodoo That You Do), David Cannon (Classical Romance, Summer of '72), and Pamela Mann (Bloody Wednesday, Taboo III)
Release Date - 1984
Genre - Romance
Tagline - "She was a world class sexual athlete going for the gold"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     One more non-horror flick couldn't hurt.  After checking out the comedy Jekyll and Hyde...Together Again and the sci-fi action film Counter Clockwise I decided to sleaze it up and check out the Jess Franco film Night Has a Thousand Desires.  The film was sleazy but it just didn't have enough story to pull me in.  I decided to get proper sleazy so I went over to my collection and searched for a Vinegar Syndrome title I have yet to review.  The first one that caught my attention was the Peekarama Big 2 Unit Show featuring the films Physical Attraction and Classical Romance both directed by Richard Mailer.  Once again I want to thank Vin Syn for sending this release my way.
     The film follows high class prostitute Bobbi (McCullough) who has found herself in a stale life.  She no longer wants to live the prostitute life and has found solace in running.  While on a jog she meets coach Ed (Cannon) who falls for her and is able to see the potential in her.  She starts training her for the Olympics where she starts to see her full potential but will he lose the love of his live if he keeps training her?

     I was wanting some sleaze and Physical Attraction brought it in full force.  The film hits you with some raunchy sex scenes right out the gate and doesn't let up until the money shot.  The acting in this one is surprisingly well done.  The cast shows a lot of on screen experience and dives deep into their characters.  You don't see that in type of character development in acting in modern porns and sexploitation films.  The cast does a great job at staying in character and being more than just themselves in a fuck flick.  The story for this one is a far stretch.  It would have been a decent short or just a sex scene in an anthology sexploitation flick but as a feature length film it falls short.  Most of the scenes are stretched out to the point that they lose what little bit of story they are working with.  Finally, this one has no blood or gore.  Instead, the film is full of beautiful women and hard sex.  The film is sleazy.  Overall, Physical Attraction is a sleazy good time but as a sexploitation flick it falls very, very short.  It has a great cast and is sexy as fuck but the story should not get the running time that we did.


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